Prayer Requests


Week of March 3rd, 2019

New Requests
  1. Jim & Gail - Pray for strength & peace for grandson who will have heart surgery soon.
  2. Dean & Susan - Praise for coworker Silvia's daughter's acceptance to UNC Chapel Hill. Pray for Dean's sister who has had an allergic reaction to her braces. Pray for Susan's back trouble and recovery from an accident involving her pet cat.  
  3. Praise to God for the support provided from 1st Presbytery to grant Covenant mission status and providing us a provisional session facilitated by Rev. Bob Wilson.
 Ongoing Requests
  1. Doris - Pray for relief for the arthritic pain in her shoulder.
  2. Ryan & Erin – Praise for Shawn & Danny’s twins came home and for the Holy Spirit to work in his cousin’s life; for friend Scott who’s wife is leaving him. Strength and comfort for Carolyn Dyer's family whose mother passed away. For a teacher with cancer. 
  3. Jim & Gail- Pray for relatively good medical report that her grandson have received;  for the Holy Spirit to guide their daughter and their counseling to her; for his pastor’s son; for Christians to fight the World moving into the Church; for relief from her pain.
  4. Joyce - Pray for God’s healing hand regarding her physical health and dealing with Roger’s death and sister’s Alzheimer’s. 
  5. Dean & Susan –- Pray for his cousin Jason & wife Heather for daughter Riley's death; for her mom & dad are sick and for the death of their dog Fuzzer; for her Aunt Kay’s health to improve; for Belinda Laws’ and her mother; for friend Jim Mann.
  6. Ryan & Erin – Pray for friend Sonya’s mother; for David McGrady; for her coworker; for her co-worker’s grandson; and for a teacher w/cancer. 
  7. Bobby – Pray for strength and comfort for he and his family for the loss of his father; for wisdom and God’s glory regarding troubles at school.
  8. Brian & Nancy – Pray for continued recovery from her and for her friend having facial surgery.
  9. Pray for the Lord’s guidance for the church’s future and for 1st Presbytery Church Extension Committee’s assistance.