Prayer Requests


Week of August 4, 2019

New Requests 

  1. Pray for victims and families of victims in the shootings throughout the US this week
  2. Dean & Susan - dean's friend Dwayne Bauguess, lost his mother this morning.  She has struggled with health issues for a long time and Dwayne has worked hard to take care of her. Danon German - Pray for his health & his family as they recover from an explosion, Praise that Dean's sister does not have a severe form of cancer and will have a surgery for her cervical cancer; Pray for the family of Chris Wooten who was involved in a motorcycle accident and will likely be paralyzed below the neck, Pray for one of Dean's coworkers (Sam Wiles) who recently passed away.  

 Ongoing Requests

  1. Helen - Continue to pray for her strength and ease of pain of the shingles; for her 3 year old great nephew Mason Sutton who is being treated at Brenner's for leukemia 
  2. Mark - Pray for his dad who has prostate cancer and for wisdom for his doctors as they begin treatment in early August. 
  3. Doris - Pray for relief for the arthritic pain in her shoulder.
  4. Ryan & Erin – Pray for Ansley Keever although some better, the various tests have not determined a cause of her condition and she has not gained any weight; pray for the Methodist church to provide better accommodations for our Sunday School; for Carolyn Dyer's family; for her coworker; for her coworker's grandson; and for a teacher with cancer. 
  5. Joyce - Pray for strength for her and her brother in law in dealing with her sister’s Alzheimer’s. 
  6. Dean & Susan –- Pray for Dean's friends who have recently lost relatives/parents; for healing for Dean's sister; for his cousin Jason & wife Heather; for friend Scott; for Belinda Laws’ and her mother; for friend Jim Mann.
  7. Brian & Nancy – Pray that Nancy's facial treatments are successful; pray for continued recovery for her and her friend having facial surgery. 
  8. Jim & Gail - Pray for strength and peace for their grandson; for the Holy Spirit to guide their daughter and their counseling to her; for his pastor's son; for Christians to fight the world moving into the church; for relief from her pain.